Surie Singh

My career started with Pinetown as a bookbinder, photocopying, electric punching, cutting of paper on guillotine and working on duplication machine. There after as a plate maker, then as a photo lithographer and then moved on as a machine minder and providing efficient printing. Today I am a Graphic Designer who was in a publishing company for over 15 years. I used to layout adverts / editorial pages quickly and creatively for Newspapers and Magazine. I have worked all my life in the Printing and Publishing industry. I then joined the Highway mail group of companies for 4 years, and then moved on with Stanger / Coastal weekly for 21 years. I than had an offer to join Makhulu News at this job at present.
I have worked with PC and Mac.
Programs that I have worked with will meet your requirements: Adobe InDesign /Adobe Photoshop / CorelDraw /Full Microsoft Office / SAP / Photography.